8 Mar 2018

Morningside - Great service

The service I got from Mandy and the team

15 Dec 2017

Morningside - Super Professional

Many thanks Esme, Megan and Mandy...

15 Dec 2017

Service - Jeff Slome / Evelyn Marks

We are most appreciative of the professional and pleasant interaction during what is usually a very stressful event.

15 Feb 2017

32 on Melville - Morningside Team

Painless process...

15 Feb 2017

Morningside - ChernoDavis Service

Remarkable and appreciated...

10 Jun 2016

Sandton - Thank you!

It's been a pleasure...

10 Jun 2016

Cosmo City - Excellent Service

Thank you so much...

26 Mar 2016

Wendy - Absolutely excellent service

I write this mail in the light of the absolutely excellent service I received from Wendy Newstadt...

18 Mar 2016

Sandton Property - Morningside

Good at getting the right deal...

16 Oct 2015

Strathavon - Splendid Service

Consistent, ever available...

22 Jul 2015

Morningside Valuation

Professional and amiable...

14 Jul 2015

A pleasure - Sunset Acres

A pleasure to work with your team...

3 Jun 2015

Strathavon - Extra Mile

Thank you for walking 1000 extra miles during the transfer...

25 Mar 2015


Professional, efficient, helpful and, most importantly, effective...

25 Feb 2015

Sale - Bryanston

Thank you for the fantastic service...

11 Nov 2014

Sale - Cosmo City

I am grateful...

19 Mar 2014

Valuation Strathavon Eileen Crescent

Thank you to Megan and Brian...

19 Mar 2014

Valuation Strathavon

Lovely and unexpected...

20 Feb 2014

Thank You - Megan Lawrence

It was a pleasure...

3 May 2013

Several Properties - Evelyn Marks

I just wanted to thank you and Evelyn for all the help in selling my properties. It has been a very easy process. As I mentioned to you, I do not understand this industry at all, so the guidance and support ...

9 Apr 2013

Morningside - Sunset Towers

"We have been impressed by the professionalism displayed by ChernoDavis in dealing with these issues and wouldn?t hesitate to do business with you again in the future."

5 Feb 2013

Morningside - The Regency

"Lawyers and Estate Agents are known to be the biggest sharks in any industry."

30 Nov 2012

Hurlingham Ext 5 - Evelyn Marks

"It was a pleasure having you sell my house!"