9 Nov 2017

VAT or Transfer Duty?

Buying a property comes with a number of expenses in addition to the basic sale price, one of which will be either VAT or Transfer Duty. Every property transaction will incur one of these two forms of tax, b...

27 Oct 2016

Commencement of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act - 7 Oct...

Commencement of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act, 2011 and the Community Schemes Ombud Service Act, 2011 on 7 October 2016. Letter from Plett Property Management.

21 Jul 2014

R1 000 000 Bond For 20 Years

Interest rates have gone up by 0.25% - On a bond of R 1 000 000 you'll now be paying...

17 Apr 2014

How long does it take to sell your property...

Hypothetical outline of how long it takes to sell a property from the time you list to when you should get your money.

27 Mar 2014

HOA's, Accreditation Fees and The Law

A message from the Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa regarding HOA's, accreditation fees and the law.

27 Mar 2014

Causes of Delays with Transfers

What are potentially the biggest causes of delays with the transfer process?

27 Nov 2013


Estate Agency Affairs Board

12 Mar 2013

ChernoDavis News Issue 2

Sales and progress PLUS we are looking for properties for our huge database of buyers and anything under R2 000 000 is literally selling in a couple of days.

1 Mar 2013

ChernoDavis News Issue 1

We are expanding!

15 Feb 2013

Why Sandton?

MORNINGSIDE, SANDOWN AND STRATHAVON. How to unlock your property potential whether owning or investing...

14 Feb 2013

Why Cosmo City?

In the begging, God made man, woman and Cosmo City...

6 Dec 2012


Last opportunity! 3 weeks left to benefit from a gift from SARS